He was told men don’t cry.
So he mastered the art of bottling all his sorrows.
He was living a life people wanted him to live.

He was blamed for everything since he was a man.
Even right from birth, his mother’s death was his fault.
He was black painted as a misfortune.

When his elder sister died, he was blamed.
He was told he took away her mother so she decided to join her.

The day father was kicked out of their house, he was blamed.
All the money ‘papa’ made went into his school fees.

When he was fired from work for no reasonable excuse, he was blamed.
This time he was named, useless.

When his wife was not able to conceive after four years of marriage,
he was blamed.

When his wife decided to seek fulfillment out of her matrimonial home,
He was blamed.
People said he probably wasn’t man enough.
He became the mockery of men.

They blamed him for not being man enough to man up for life predicament.
They called him a coward.
So he got fed up and feed his skull with a bullet.


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