I hope you find someone to care

I hope you find someone to love you

I hope you find someone to cherish

I hope you find someone to treat you well


I loved you

I gave up all I had just to be with you

I liked you

I starved to give you sweet kisses

Teasing and arousing that part of you

Making you swallow so hard

And licking your lips with intensity

Caressing the front of your neck as though it needed a massage


Some will try but will fail

Some might just get it right

But I did it with precision

I made you want it with plea in your eyes

Made you throw away things just to have a taste of it

And you always wanted more

It was so good your hmmms and haaaaaaas

Sounded arousing to close relations

I made you say yes to anything

Just by doing what I do best


Even with all these, you still betrayed me

But remember this

If for nothing at all

No one would and could

Ever do the thing I did to you

And that is WHETTING your appetite with my cooking.



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